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OrangeCross Life Care is a transitional care facility exclusively meant for patients who require full time nursing during recovery from critical illness or post-surgery.

Comprehensive Convalescing Nursing Care For in Patients

As a purely transitional care centre, OrangeCross Life Care offers comprehensive, and high-quality nursing services for patients during convalescence at an affordable cost.

Our services cover the gamut of needs – from basic care and general nursing to specialized procedures, advanced postoperative care, physiotherapy and nutrition.

We are fully equipped with state of the art monitoring, investigative, therapeutic processes and staffed with well-qualified and experienced nurses. All services and procedures are carried out under the guidance and prescription of qualified doctors.

Brought to you by expert and experienced healthcare professionals

OrangeCross is a healthcare organization that specializes in comprehensive post-surgical, rehabilitative and convalescence care.


24x7 in-house nursing facility

A state-of-the-art, centrally-located 24×7 in-house nursing facility


A Comprehensive care plan

A comprehensive care plan is followed as per the primary physician care


Round the clock assistnance

Family involvement at all times


Post-discharge care

Post-discharge follow-up engagement program which includes Day-care, Primary health care Service at Home through a unique home care service, Griha Seva.


Nursing Services

a.Basic Nursing Care

Overall patient care beginning with morning care,personal hygiene,medication management & education vital checks, blood sugar and fluid monitoring,nutritional requirements, patient health records.

b.Advanced Nursing Care

For chronically ill and advanced monitoring and support post-surgical patient (cardiac,cancer,ortho,neuro,general)

c.Comprehensive nursing care

A] Post hospitalization Care: – Neurology – Cardiology – Nephrology
B] Cancer care
C] Brain stroke care
D] Post covid patients
E] Pain Management
F] Cpod patients
G] Geriatic care
H] Diabetic Management and Education

Special Procedures

A] Nebulization
B] Tracheostomy care
C] BIPAP and oxygen application and monitoring
D] Nasogastric and oxygen application and monitoring
E] Foley’s catheter insertion and care
F] Injection
G] Central venous catherization
H] Radial/femoral artery cannulations
I] Colostomy care

Dressing and Wound care

A] Standard dressing
B] Bedsore dressing
C] Suture dressing


A] Basic Physiotherapy
B] Advanced: – Cardiac – Orthopaedic – Neurology – General


A] Nutritionist Consultation
B] Ryle’s tube feeding
C] TPN(Total Prenteral Nutrition)
D] Special prescribed diet

Comprehensive Nursing Care across Therapeutic Specialisations

Brought to you by expert and experienced healthcare professionals



General Medicine/Surgery