Why Orangecross

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Highest quality of patient care

– Panel of experienced specialists & General Practitioners.

– Nurses specially trained for Intensive Home Health Care.

– Customised care plan development.

– Detailed handovers by nurses & review of patient recovery.

– Realtime Updates to Patient’s relatives & caretakers.

– Constant backup support by OrangeCross.

Skilled, Qualified, Trained caregivers & therapists

– Careful screening of caregivers with aptitude for home nursing.

– Trained especially for IHHC.

– Specially trained for handling  critical care equipment.

– Trained in Soft Skills.

Round the clock service options

– Flexible timings based on patients need.

– Equipment & sample collection as required.

App based care record maintenance & monitoring

App based care monitoring

OrangeCross App based care monitoring & feedback system

  • Online recording of vital health parameters on daily basis.
  • Viewing of daily progress of the patient by outstation relatives thru separate login
  • Primary treating doctor’s access to vital health parameters/ conditions through separate login
  • Regular online recording of client’s feedback
  • Need based real-time video updates for patients relatives