Counseling and Mental Health Team

Smaranika Panda

With around 27 years of experience in counseling students, parents and teachers, Smaranika is a behavioral coach par excellence. She has been acknowledged as an excellent trainer by CBSE, Navodaya Leadership Institute, and various other training organizations for conducting need based interactive workshops and training sessions.

She has been instrumental in enhancing business communication skills and employability skills of Institute of Hotel Management students, newly recruit trainees and manager level employees.

Her forte lies in handling testing and analysis of psychometric tests (aptitude tests, personality tests, self-concept tests, anxiety tests etc.), and conducting socio- emotional behavioural issues management, stress management, conflict resolution, personality development, team building & motivational workshops for young adults. In short, Smaranika is a perfect professional who values individual differences and paves the path for successful growth and holistic development of every individual, she interacts with.

Rozalina Satpathy

Rozalina has around 19 years of experience in teaching profession and counseling students, parents and teachers, helping individuals manage and overcome behavioral and emotional issues. She has dealt numerous behavioral issues faced by students successfully by applying various coping strategies.

BSE, New Delhi has added another feather in her cap by acknowledging her as a master trainer. She is a qualified counsellor with proven history of managing behavioral and socio- emotional issues among her clients. She has ample knowledge of theoretical counseling approaches and their application to real life settings especially person centered counseling.